Is 12five Capital the right for you?

12five Capital provides financing opportunities for companies looking to improve their working capital with several different programs. They offer traditional factoring services by purchasing accounts receivables, 12five Capital’s expert management team has set very high core standards that make working with them a positive experience. Their transparent approach sets them apart from their competitors.

About 12five Capital’s Factoring Program

12five Capital’s factoring program allows for up to a 90% advance against accounts receivables up to $2,000,000.  Their fee structure and process is paper-free and simple:  they operate with a factoring discount fee to provide cash, an expense deposit (if applicable) to cover miscellaneous costs, and a wire or direct deposit fee.  12five Capital’s cash advance approach for accounts receivables makes it easier for their customers to take advantage of supplier discounts and gives them the cash flow they need to efficiently run their business.  Their ability to provide up-to-date on their client’s customers reduces risk and enhances collection efforts.

About 12five Capital’s Purchase Order Program

12five Capital also provides purchase order funding to vendors which allows companies to get their goods shipped right away to their customers.  With advances of up to 65% of a purchase order available, they pay the vendor directly and are paid back through the factoring program established with them.

Lastly, 12five Capital has the contacts and resources available to help with equipment purchases needed to grow a business.  They also help leverage equipment that is owned outright.

12five Capital’s financial services give entrepreneurs solutions for their cash flow challenges.  Their flexible and optimistic approach in working with their clients makes for an easy work environment and, in turn, enables them to reach their full business potential.

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