Is APEX Capital Corp the right for you?

APEX Capital Corp is a factoring company for truckers with over 20 years of experience.  They buy all types of freight invoices whether they are from brokers, shippers, or freight forwarders.  As an added benefit, clients of APEX receive a myriad of discounts and services when working with them including:  fuel cards, nationwide and a fuel finder networking system; service discounts at TA and Petro truck stops; access to their load board; and discounts at participating hotels and retail stores.  They are also equipped to help with information on starting a new company and will provide the materials needed for licensing, requirements, business plans, etc.

About APEX Capital Corp’s Factoring Program

Freight factoring is an excellent way for trucking companies to manage cash flow.  By selling outstanding invoices to APEX Capital Corp, freight businesses get an advance on their accounts receivable to use for immediate operational expenses.  APEX offers recourse and non-recourse factoring options at low, competitive rates.  The also offer a flat 2% rate on invoices that have already been billed.  There are no long-term contracts, monthly minimums, or termination fees associated with their customized factoring programs; rather, businesses have the freedom to factor as many invoices as they choose.

To ensure an efficient process, APEX Capital Corp designates a personal account representative to all clients, has free , and offers same-day and next-day funding.  Their free, online Account Management Portal makes it easy to obtain reports and manage accounts at any time.  Unique to APEX Capital Corp is their Factoring app which allows the entire factoring process – from capturing an image of a load’s paperwork to creating invoices – to be handled on a smartphone or tablet and sent to directly to APEX.

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APEX Capital Corp Location

6000 Western Place, Suite 1000
Fort Worth, TX 76107
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