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The demands and structure of the construction business pose some unique financial challenges.  As a factoring specialist in the construction industry, CapitalPlus Equity stands ready to help with the cash flow needs of contractors and sub-contractors.  Their knowledgeable team has over 85 years of combined experience in factoring, asset-based lending, financial services, , project management, and construction operations.  They also have the expertise to provide guidance to their clients in understanding an individual state’s lien laws.  CapitalPlus Equity knows the importance of having the working capital to pay creditors, meet demands, and cover overhead and taxes in the construction industry – all of which leads to the ability to compete for larger jobs and grow a business.

CapitalPlus Equity is registered and active with the US Federal Government Systems Award Management (SAM).  They work with companies nationwide including , Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville, Charlotte and Nashville.  CaptialPlus Equity is also a member of the International Factoring Association and the Better Business Bureau.

About CapitalPlus Equity’s Factoring Program

No matter the size of the business, or the amount of the transaction, CapitalPlus Equity has a financial solution to help construction companies and sub-contractors get immediate cash.  They work with companies that have limited or no and can provide proposals quickly through their in-house underwriting department.  The factoring program at CapitalPlus Equity offers up to an 80% advance rate with an all-inclusive fee (based on monthly dollar volume, number of invoices and the length of time it takes for payment, and credit history of the customer) that covers all of their services.  There are no long-term contracts or penalties for non-usage; in fact, CapitalPlus Equity offers “spot factoring” where companies can factor without contracts, minimums or obligations.

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