Is JD Factors the right factoring company for you?

With 20 years of experience, JD Factors has established itself as one of the leading in North America.  Headquartered in Palos Verdes, , they also have offices operating in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada.  Their customized invoice factoring solutions and accounts receivable management services provide the liquidity that small and medium-sized businesses need to run efficiently.  Each and every day, JD Factors funds hundreds of thousands of dollars in immediate cash to help curtail the cash flow demands of growing businesses.  With a stable and reliable source of cash, businesses have the working capital for , marketing, paying vendors, and purchasing equipment and inventory without incurring debt or loss of equity.

Factoring is an ideal financial solution for businesses who are new and do not have access to capital from banks; those who need more working capital than their current bank lines; and those who are rapidly growing and need financing to support it.  JD Factors has a clientele in a broad base of industries with factoring volumes that range between $5,000 and $2 million per month.  Widely respected in the financial world, JD Factors is affiliated with the Commercial Finance Association, International Factoring Association, and American Factoring Association.

About JD Factors’ Factoring Program

JD Factors offers flexible funding programs with advances on invoices that range from 70% to 95%.  There are no start-up fees, and contracts can be short-term or open.  JD Factors’ fees, which are based on the credit risk, volume and average payment of invoices, start as low as 2%.  Preferred pricing is available for companies who factor more than $100,000 per month.  JD Factors purchases invoices on a non-recourse basis and, as such, performs thorough credit reviews on all accounts, offers credit guarantees, credit management and credit insurance.  With next day funding via or , their clients have immediate access to cash.

Personalized service is an important element in JD Factors’ philosophy.  Their accounts receivables management program consists of invoice mailing and processing, payment processing and posting, and full .  Their on-line portal gives instantaneous reports on account activity and can be accessed by their free as well.  , in partnership with EFS, are available to their transportation clients as well as access to their load board, the FreeLoader Network.

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JD Factors Location

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Palos Verdes, CA 90275
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