24x7In today’s busy international work environment, traditional “business hours” are a thing of the past. Some well-established factoring companies have joined the movement to provide 24×7 access services to clients around the clock and throughout the week, both by online and phone. By prioritizing their clients’ financing needs in this way, these factoring companies can help their clients with their cash flow needs, regardless of the time.

Having the correct information when they need it can save time and energy for busy company owners and staff members. An invoice factoring company with an easy-to-use online client portal for 24×7 access enables those people to quickly and easily view their invoices, aging reports, and other key documents in real time. In some cases, clients can receive approval for funding during weekends, holidays, and even in the middle of the night. The ability to speak to a “real person” during those off hours is also a bonus and can expedite answers to questions or funding requests.

Benefits of 24×7 Access

  • Save time and money
  • View online and print important reports
  • Handle business matters outside business hours

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