fuel-cardDiscount Fuel Cards

Factoring companies that specialize in transportation go the extra mile in offering special benefits to their clients that can save them money and time, such as fuel discount cards. These are like credit cards that bring instant discounts at the fuel pump and they are a valuable bonus for freight brokers and motor carriers who factor with these transportation specialists. In addition these cards can be used to transfer funds, such as fuel advances.

With many trucks averaging about six miles per gallon, fuel represents a huge business cost to people in the freight industry. Over-the-road truckers using fuel discount cards can realize hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in savings over the course of a year. When they work with leading transportation factoring companies, clients can easily request fuel advances to be uploaded onto their cards and their drivers’ cards, eliminating any waits for transfer of funds.

An important benefit for freight brokers and fleet owners is greater control over fuel costs. fuel discount cards help them track costs quickly and eliminate any potential unauthorized spending. Offering fuel discount cards with the fuel advance functionality is an important benefit to offer when recruiting drivers.

Benefits of Fuel Discount Cards

  • Save money on diesel fuel at the pump
  • Receive funding fast
  • Control and track costs

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