Funding from CopiesWhat does it mean to receive funding from copies? It saves time and money. With many business transactions requiring an increasing level of documentation and verification, company owners and staff members can spend a lot of energy and resources sending original back and forth to conduct their business. Speed is especially critical when you are submitting documents to get paid for work you have done.

Fortunately, if you work with a to receive payment upfront on your invoices rather than wait 30 to 90 days to get paid, you may be in luck. To expedite the process of getting you paid, some have done away with requiring you to send your documentation by overnight delivery and accept funding from copies. These factoring companies will provide your funding when you send scanned copies of paperwork documenting that you have completed a job.

What funding from copies means to a company, for instance, is that the truck driver can email copies of a bill of lading or proof of delivery. No more searching for overnight mail envelopes and drop boxes and no expensive delivery charges. The result: the driver and his company receive their payment sooner.

When evaluating factoring companies, look for a well-established firm that can offer you the advantage of funding from copies. You will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of this helpful benefit.

Benefits of Funding from Copies

  • Save time and money
  • Receive funding fast
  • Reduce administrative work

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