Mobile ApplicationsWith today’s technological advantages and clients’ needs for real-time financial information, a few of the largest, most established across the country have invested in easy-to-use mobile applications for clients. The ability to manage their invoices and submit their paperwork on their smart phones, without having to seek WiFi Internet access, offers those leading factoring companies’ clients a huge benefit. Clients working in any industry can benefit from the ability to quickly view the real-time status of paid invoices, wherever they are.

These mobile applications can be especially helpful for clients in the transportation industry who spend days on the road. The electronic submission of paperwork via cell phone lets truckers easily scan and upload bills of lading, rate confirmations, proof of delivery papers, invoices, and other freight directly to the factoring company. These clear images help reduce the danger of illegible documents slowing down the funding process.  The apps developed by factoring companies that specialize in allow clients to instantly request and check potential customers’ from anywhere.

Benefits of Mobile Applications

  • Faster funding: Scanning and uploading invoices and other documents saves time over mailing, faxing, and overnight deliveries.
  • Improved productivity: With fewer manual steps and less time spent on processing documents, clients can focus on their work rather than their paperwork.
  • More efficient organization: Retrieving transactions and documents is easy on that let clients see every invoice and every account transaction by document type and by date.

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