tire discount programsSome that specialize in factoring for companies – or “freight bill factoring” – have developed special programs and features for owners of transportation companies. Among those benefits for trucking professionals are programs. Tires are an important and frequent purchase for over-the-road drivers. They are also a vital part of improved highway safety. Some tire discount programs even include extra benefits such as access to emergency roadside services.

Clients of those factoring companies can save money on an unlimited number of truck tires, including most major brands. It typically is not necessary to buy more than one tire at a time; drivers can buy only what they need. These are often nationwide tire discount programs that offer the same lower prices whether the tires are bought at a local tire dealer or on the road. Drivers can still use their local tire brand dealer for regular tire service, even if the tires came from another dealer of that same brand. Among the premium tire brands often offered in these programs are Goodyear, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Dunlop, Continental, General Tire, and more.

Benefits of Tire Discount Programs

  • Save money on major brands of tires
  • Take advantage of national pricing program
  • Maintain better safety practices with tires in good condition

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