Florida FlagFlorida, a state almost surrounded by the sea, is the nation’s third most populous state and one of the fastest-growing states. With over 20 million residents, the Sunshine State continues to draw people from the cold North ready to work or retire in its tropical climate. Retirees make up a large portion of the population; perhaps they are enjoying the mythical Fountain of Youth that drew Ponce de Leon, the conquistador who claimed the area for Spain and gave the state its in 1513. There are many industries that can benefit from using in .

Factoring in Florida

The business climate is also favorable in the Sunshine State, with a wide variety of industries represented to serve its growing population. The continuous migration of people has produced a building boom that started in the Great Depression and continues today. Residential, commercial, public facility, and road construction and associated industries represent a steady source of income for many people in Florida.

Factoring in Florida is growing as well, as more and more businesses turn to factoring invoices to get paid sooner for the work they have completed. To keep up with the pace of business in Florida and have funds in hand for expansion, these companies receive the money that they are owed right away rather than wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for their customers to pay them. Factoring their accounts receivable is an affordable solution that both increases a company’s cash flow and lets them grow their business without incurring debt.

Florida Factoring by Industry

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture, especially citrus fruits
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing, including electronics, machinery, and food processing
  • Aerospace and defense

Some of the best Factoring Companies in Florida

View the above list of factoring companies in Florida for more information.

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