idaho-flagThe western state of is an outdoor paradise for thousands of visitors each year. Winter ski resorts offer golfing and hiking in the summer, when endless lakes and streams also bring in fishing enthusiasts, boaters, rafters, and campers. Once a gold rush destination, the state now offers a variety of historic sites, from ghost towns to Native American settlements. Many area companies cater to the year-round influx of tourists, but other business sectors are also strong and growing in Idaho. There are many industries that can benefit from using in Idaho.

Factoring in Idaho

Many companies in the Gem State are ready to expand their operations, with more staff, new technology, larger facilities or better marketing efforts, but find that they need a financial boost. They may have working capital for overhead expenses, but waiting for customers to pay them holds them back from growing their businesses. Other companies face seasonal or periodic financial challenges when they need to pay their fixed overhead costs. Factoring can help business owners in both situations.

The factoring company purchases its clients’ invoices and pays them the majority of the invoice amount upfront. After collecting on those invoices from the client’s customers, the factoring company sends the balance of the amount, minus a small factoring fee, to the client. The transaction does not require the business owner to take out loans or incur debt. Idaho business people find that factoring is an easy and affordable way to speed up their cash flow. It allows them access to the money that has been sitting in their accounts receivable and gives them the ability to use that money now for whatever they need.

Idaho Factoring by Industry

  • Tourism
  • Natural resources, including silver, garnets, and other gems
  • Agriculture, especially potatoes
  • High technology
  • Timber

Some of the best Factoring Companies in Idaho

View the above list of factoring companies in Idaho for more information.

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