illinoisWith the country’s third largest city, Chicago at nearly 3 million residents, is the business hub of the Midwest. The Windy City, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake , is home to many multinational corporations and . With both the famous Chicago stockyards and Chicago Stock Exchanges, the city has driven the business climate in the Midwest for more than 100 years. There are many industries that can benefit from using in Illinois.

Factoring in Illinois

It is also a major transportation hub, with a port that sends freight out to the Atlantic via the Great Lakes, huge network of railroads and interstate highways, and the nation’s third busiest airport, O’Hare International. companies, distributors, manufacturers, farmers, and a wide variety of other businesses in Illinois have to work smart to succeed in the Land of Lincoln.

One smart financial strategy is factoring accounts receivable. A growing number of companies turn to factoring to increase their cash flow and receive payment upfront for work they have completed. When companies in Illinois choose to factor invoices, meaning they sell their accounts receivable to a factoring company, they don’t have to wait 30 to 90 days for customers to pay. They can start using those funds right away to cover overhead expenses as well as be positioned to expand and grow their business.

Illinois Factoring by Industry

  • Finance and commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing, including meat packing and grain exchange
  • Iron and steel production
  • Transportation
  • Tourism

Some of the best Factoring Companies in Illinois

View the above list of factoring companies in Illinois for more information.

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