Maryland-flagWith its excellent location between , D.C., Philadelphia, and City, is a thriving hub of business on the East Coast. Baltimore, with the nation’s second largest port for foreign freight and a growing financial services base, is the key player in the state’s economic power. Maryland’s location on the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay also shapes the state’s success. The ocean beaches attract huge numbers of tourists and the bay’s commercial fishing industry brings in more seafood than any other similar body of water in the nation. There are many industries that can benefit from using in Maryland.

Factoring in Maryland

The state’s border with the nation’s capital means that many businesses work as contractors for the federal government. Many of these small and medium-sized businesses work in the defense, communications, technology, and health care industries. Companies that provide services and products to the federal government can be very successful, but they all share a common business challenge: waiting for government approvals to be completed before receiving payment on their invoices.

Many companies in Maryland, whether they are or small businesses, are turning to invoice factoring as an affordable solution to bridging the gap between sending out an invoice and getting paid. Factoring represents a way to speed up their cash flow without incurring debt. Business owners in Maryland find that factoring lets them meet their overhead expenses, while building a reserve for growth and expansion.

Maryland Factoring by Industry

  • Government contracting
  • Commercial fishing
  • Manufacturing, especially food processing, electronics, and chemicals
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture, especially poultry and dairy products

Some of the best Factoring Companies in Maryland

View the above list of factoring companies in Maryland for more information.

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