va-flagThe proud state of played a critical role in our nation’s founding, with countless patriots serving in the Revolutionary War for Independence from England. George , Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and countless others took up leadership roles in the country’s early government during this period. The state is full of history from Colonial Williamsburg to the many Civil War battlefields from Richmond to Manassas and beyond. Tourists can see many relics of the state’s early wealth in graceful pre-war mansions and plantations. There are many industries that can benefit from using in Virginia.

Factoring in Virginia

Against that history-filled backdrop where cotton was king and tobacco was a leading export, dominate the economic landscape today, especially in the sprawling network of suburbs outside Washington, D.C. Business is booming in nearly all sectors, with many working in defense and other industries.

Companies that provide products and services to the government, be it federal, state, or local, face a common business challenge shared by companies of all kinds: their customer’s long payment terms. A company may have to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to be paid for work they completed. Many companies are turning to invoice factoring as an affordable solution to bridging the gap between sending out an invoice and getting paid. Factoring represents a way to increase cash flow without incurring debt.

Virginia Factoring by Industry

  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture, especially poultry and cattle
  • Seafood production

Some of the best Factoring Companies in Virginia

View the above list of factoring companies in Virginia for more information.

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