Independent Factoring Standards Association (IFSA)

Founded in 2010
1255 Country Club Road
Santa Teresa, NM 88008
Independent Factoring Standards Association (IFSA)

Founded in 2010, the nonprofit Independent Factoring Standards Association (IFSA) became
the world’s only association to actively advocate for a more transparent, self-regulated factoring industry. The nonprofit association was founded by Interstate Capital Corporation in response to the absence of information about the factoring community. IFSA encourages consumer education, comparison shopping, and greater transparency and disclosure by factoring companies.

The IFSA maintains one of the world’s largest publicly available, searchable factoring company
databases. IFSA collects and compiles key statistical information from participating factoring companies that voluntarily respond to IFSA’s periodic electronic surveys. Factoring companies voluntarily self-report key financial and other important operational and company statistical and background information to IFSA. IFSA gathers information such as a factoring company’s
website addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, specializations, industry association affiliations, management bios, and other information. The registry provides the public with a uniform means of comparing of factoring companies.

The goals of the Independent Factoring Standards Association include the following:

  • Create greater awareness of the factoring industry and factoring companies
  • Provide the public with the world’s largest registry of factoring companies
  • Promote the use of best practices among factoring companies
  • Set standards to which all factoring companies aspire -Provide a uniform system to compare factoring companies

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